FemME 2020


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MYTH OF ORIGIN is a mix between rock and various types of metal. A dark, yet accessible sound. From atmospheric and acoustic to pounding drums and hard riffs: Myth of Origin grabs you and won’t let you go! Surrender to the darkness..

ASKARA’s music style is most aptly described as progressive Gothic Metal. The band unites different elements of Gothic Metal with progressive, heavier Metal. This distinctive style is characterised by the clear vocals of lead singer Myriam and bassist Elia’s growls contrasting her singing. These opposing sides of clarity and harshness are also mirrored by the instruments: Guitars, bass, and drums build up a basic layer of powerful sounds, while the piano contributes softer, more melodic nuances. In Askara’s songs, catchy tunes meet brute and powerful riffs and sometimes even breakdowns.

PENUMBRA, is a Gothic Metal band from Paris (France) formed in 1996. Their music is characterized with a classical mixture of female and male voices, Gregorian chants, bagpipes and other unconventional elements

EIGHT LIVES DOWN, is a 4-piece extreme metal band, founded by Greek-Kiwi vocalist and lyricist Aliki Katriou. The band has its roots in groove and thrash metal but constantly branches out stylistically incorporating influences from prog-, death-, and black metal, as well as various other musical genres such as punk, blues, and traditional folk music. The vocals range from low growls and high screams to clean and even operatic phrases. All of this creates a truly unique sound – unmistakably heavy and angry, yet refreshingly different and unpredictable. .

ARDOURS, is the result of a longstanding friendship between the duo arising from their involvement in the metal scene in Sardinia, Italy. Although Mariangela had moved to Norway in 2006 to join Tristania, they remained in close contact with a mutual appreciation of each other’s musical talent.

GLASYA, a Symphonic Metal band featuring 6 members that have a variety of influences and styles in their backgrounds, originated a sound with a wide range, from Classic to Ethnic to the more powerful metal riffs..

PHANTOM ELITE, Founded by Sander Gommans [After Forever] and Marina La Torraca [Exit Eden and Avantasia live], a band with young musicians got together 3 years ago with the purpose of playing Gomman’s HDK project for the first time live on stages. The natural chemistry among the musicians however sparked many new and exciting ideas: Phantom Elite is Born.

KALIDIA plays catchy, accessible power-metal, with singer Nicoletta wearing the show live. It’s not for nothing that the band’s fan base is growing rapidly. In the Netherlands the band was shown for the first time during the Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn last November. Now the band is coming back for a show at FemMe 2020

BLACKDRAFT A scream at night, a kiss on the mouth: Blackdraft give you both, and at the same time!
The debut album “Recipe Of Pain” combines everything the five Hamburgers love and live: powerful music from hard rock to death metal, a feeling of life between biker boots and french fries. The result? Straight metal!

X-TINXION, Female fronted Thrash Metal! Thrashing like never before. Feisty, and fast, catchy and heavy. X-Tinxion has it all!

HITHERSIDE, Female fronted, highly listenable, Alternative Metal music filled with catchy choruses, lush harmonies amazing guitar riffs and memorable melodies.

FINDING KATE, is an Alternative/Rock solo artist based in London. Hailing all the way from Australia and Cyprus, this rocker proves she is a force to be reckoned with. Her powerful vocals, melodic songs and dark music separate her from the crowd.

ACSEND THE HOLLOW is a European-based, female-fronted cyber metal band. Their music is powered by 9-string guitars, 6-string bass and modern electronic soundscapes. Topped off with a diverse mix of growls, screams and a melancholic, pure voice, ATH combine their eclectic influences to produce a powerful, aggressive yet melodic, haunting and innovative sound.

DREAM OCEAN, was formed by the guitarist Oz Khan and mezzo-soprano Başak Ylva on vocals in Istanbul- Turkey. In 2009 their first demo “Missing” was released. By receiving very good feedbacks, the band has made many shows in Turkey. By that time the singles “Uyan” and “Divine Light” were released. After two years departure the band started composing new songs with the new line-up. The band is harmonizing the power metal and the opera with the symphonic elements in a modern way.

QUEEN OF SPADES, is a Hardrock band from the Netherlands.